From Michael LaPorte, homeowner.

Perhaps the best thing that happened for me, my wife, and my Mid-Century ranch was that Mason and his wife relocated from San Francisco to the Chicago area. We could not be happier with the design and architectural assistance that Mason provided for us. 

Extremely professional. 
Strong design aesthetic but not overbearing -- i.e., respectful of client aesthetics. 
Great with design finish choices. 
Wide variety of services beyond just design layout and drawings -- extremely helpful in a variety of areas. 
Creative in approaches. 
Super easy to work with. 

I've got friends who have (wisely) hired him based on my recommendation, I've got others who are sad that he's not local to them. 

I am a horrible client - lots of changes, tendencies to micromanage, etc. By the end of our project, I had developed so much confidence in him that I stopped micromanaging and caught myself saying (repeatedly) "lets just go with what Mason recommends." 

In terms of what he did: 

Mason did design consulting and brainstorming on layout and renovation ideas. He sketched NUMEROUS alternatives for us to consider. He executed all permitting plans. He assisted with our selection of GCs. He interfaces with our GC to see that his / our vision is executed. He's shopped with me on numerous occasions for finishes (flooring, ceiling, cabinets, tile, etc.) 

We're nearing completion of "Phase I" as we call it. We'll have other phases and I would not hesitate at all to hire him again (if he's available). Indeed, we have every intention of hiring him for Phases II, IIII, and IV when we get to them! Having recently relocated, Mason is like your favorite "unknown band" who you secretly hope doesn't get popular because it will harder to get "tickets to his show," but who you also hope has great commercial success. 

*Project Price noted is not Mason's fee. It was the total renovation budget.

From Heather Green, homeowner.

When we set out to remodel our mid-century home in Noe Valley, we knew we had quite a puzzle on our hands. We had very clear objectives in our minds (add a master BR w/ en suite bath, open up the floor plan to take best advantage of the views and add a half bath) but no idea how to make them all work at the same time, or if it was even possible. Especially given the cost-saving constraints we had set: keep kitchen and existing staircase in place. So after a relatively short exploration exercise, we were THRILLED and AMAZED with the creative and beautiful solution that Mason came up with that met each and every one of our objectives and then some! 

At the end of the project, we have a smart and stunning new kitchen, a master suite that makes efficient use of limited square footage, an open floor plan that makes the most of breathtaking views, abundant natural light and the most charming half bathroom EVER. We honestly could not be happier with the results. 

In addition to his fantastic vision and creativity, Mason is also a joy to work with! And not just from the client POV - our contractor and his subs thought so as well. 

Highly recommended!!

From Michael Gilmore, homeowner:
We have used Mason on several projects throughout our house and I would recommend him highly. He is a very organized, diligent and pleasant person to work with and, although we hired him as an architect, he turned out to be a great project planner, helping us through contractor selection, permit & build phases. 

Though we changed our mind several times, on both a large new deck, and on a new room/deck addition to the house,  Mason very patiently worked with us through those architectural changes, as well as new energy regulations, engineering etc, and didn't nickle & dime us along the way. He certainly knows his trade from an architectural perspective but his real value add is his creative eye. Through his choice of materials, aesthetics and design he turned our project from a functional concept into a true visual delight. 10/10 !!

From Ryan Georgian, homeowner: 
We interviewed three architects for our project, and Mason Miller was the standout winner. In addition to being a fine architect, he's also a project manager and very talented designer all rolled into one. He showed exceptional commitment level making sure the project surpassed our requirements.  He even helped work through the SF permitting process. 

Also, while he has his own great vision, he's flexible and took the time to understand our tastes. He was able to spend time with us, looking through shops and magazines, to really get what we were after. Then he designed our remodel to match our style perfectly - better than we could have ourselves. 

Hiring Mason Miller was the best decision we made in our project. He saved us so much time and trouble, talked us out of bad decisions, came up with clever solutions, etc. He helped through the bid process, vetting candidates and selecting a contractor, and he oversaw construction as the work progressed. I'd recommend him without hesitation.

from Keith Nothacker, KHN Solutions:
Our business used Mason Miller to completely redesign and expand our commercial offices in the 300 Broadway building in San Francisco.  Mason was a fantastic resource for us from beginning to end.  Before we started the project, Mason talked us through issues like natural lighting, sound-proofing, and office sizing so we'd have a better background as we came up with initial designs.  During the design and building process Mason frequently spoke directly with the building owner, his support staff, as well as with our company at the same time; communication was flawless and the build-out proceeded smoothly.  

We love our new office.  Mason's design made use of large glass panels in most employee offices, so we all have a sense of privacy, but not that barricaded-in-a-private-office feel.  Mason's design also completely separated our operations area from the sales department, which helps keep the right people focused on the right work.  It's a well-executed concept that we're very pleased with.

I definitely recommend Mason for any architecture or design project, large or small.  He listened to all of our needs, worked quickly and affordably, and was just a great person to work with.