New Construction/Additions:
Modern Glass House  Glencoe, IL
Glen Lake House  Glen Arbor, MI
Pacific Heights Residence   San Francisco, CA
Marina Addition and complete remodel    San Francisco, CA
Maine House   Center Lovell, ME

Mid Century Interior remodel Glencoe, IL
Noe Valley Complete remodel     San Francisco, CA
Noe Valley Basement remodel    San Francisco, CA
Garage conversion/Interior remodel of 1950s house    Glenview, IL
Condominium remodel    Burlingame, CA
New Jersey farmhouse interior remodel, Clinton, NJ 

Bathroom remodels: 
A few selected bathroom remodels

A few selected deck projects in Sonoma and Marin counties

Commercial Work:
Bijoux Hair Salon, Union Square, San Francisco  

Credenza (photos coming soon)